Is Powerpoint Boring ?



Power point presentation is a very strong tool. But its high-time to stop using the power point presentations for our meetings and conferences. Aware that it is not that easy task.

We are making our audience so sick with continuous power point presentations.We are removing the important human touch to our presentations.  Tens and Hundreds of slides are removing the enthusiasm in the viewers. It is very important to use  new tools such as Prezi, EWC presenter and give new look to the audience. For example, in case of Prezi, there are lot of tools which help us to give a smooth presentation to the audience.

Present world is continuously changing with the new technology and sticking with the powerpoint limits our exposure to the new tools.Also many times, human touch is lacking in the presentations.

Note : Old is Gold, completely supports powerpoint is a great presentation tool. But its hightime to get some new tools in presentation.

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2 thoughts on “Is Powerpoint Boring ?

  1. Yup Totally agree, many times people just dump text. A little effort using info graphics or smart graphics can make things much better to look. Thanks for your valuable input. Have a great day Pooja

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