Plan Of Music City ! (Episode 1)

I am starting episodes on plan of a music city. Viewers can help with concept of creating a perfect dream world for musicians to live happily in a modern city. The idea is to develop a city which is close to perfection for musicians.

Concept 1: Music City – Hexagon : A Big hexagon shaped concept ground would be present at the centre of the city – It has the major concert going on . All the speakers and crowd stands would be at the corners of the hexagon. Around the big hexagon , small small hexagons would be having mini concert theaters. Every street would be having a audio jack and cable connection, so the crowd can jam anywhere in the city. More Episodes to come.

Concept 2: Music city : Big Stages at every 3 km by 3 km road junctions and the cars can park and listen to music played. The area can be designated so that citizens can enjoy after  a long drive.


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