Delhite Living In Mumbai !

Delhi Metros is Mumbai’s local train. Delhis India gate is Mumbai’s Gate Way of India. Delhi’s Nehru Place is Mumbai’s Lamington Road. Delhi’s GB Road is Mumabai s Kamatipura. Delhi’s Khan market is Mumbai’s Bandra. Delhi Chai is Mumbai’s Cutting chai.

As a Mumbaikar in these 12months , i felt amazing to travel in Local train which is way far crowded than Delhi metros. Mumbai local train is a awesome place to see people expressions. Working people running in their formals , Dabbawals with their dabbasand musical instruments, young boys doing stunts… Oh what not. Even the crowd knows that they are travelling in dense crowd from far away places but they are so active and energetic. People listening to songs, Enjoying dabbawals songs etc.Somehow i feel Delhi metro got red line to because of the more decency. Mumbai local train welcomes all, damn rich, rich , poor and damn poor.

In case of Delhi , we can talk about winter wear during chilled winter. But in case of Mumbai , we need to talk about Pav and Umbrellas. Its soo funny how an umbrella becomes part of a Mumbaikars life.All the office spaces, Shopping malls and many other public spaces has Umbrella stands. And Pav, In delhi we can say chole bature, Punjabhi butter chicken , Paratha and all. But in Mumbai , a Pav plays an important role. Infact every Mumbaikar links his food with Pav.

Mumbaikars are enjoying the marine drive which delhi is lacking. In delhi , in search of water sources, we need to go to far away places or atleast to rishikesh n all. There are some ponds in parks n all. Like near Haus Khas etc.But in Mumbai , so many beaches , that to with good Cars , dense crowd and all.

One more interesting thing to note is the queuing system found in many places. We can see long ques for autos , buses , and in many other places. This is awesome. When i saw , kilometered lengh ques , i felt , Ohhhhhhhhhh wtf, but later realised that queing is very important in a dense places like Mumbai. We cant see Queing system as of this in Delhi.

Delhi landmarks are linked with either Heritage buildings or Metro stations. Like India gate, Purana quila and etc. In Mumbai , Local trains play an important role in deciding a location . East or West and which station???. In many places , there s no match between , how much east and west can make difference. Total land typology changes from east to west in many places.

But i guess Delhi is having the advantage of so many Cool places nearby. Rishikesh , Shimla , Kulu , Manali, Rautangpass, Jaisalmer, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Agra, Srinagar…. Here Cool places in terms of variation. Go to Rajastan u can touch hot sand. Go to Kulu shimla, rishikesh , Manali, u can touch snow, Go to Haryana, u can see full gree and awesome green fields. Even Mumbai is having Cool paces nearby , Go to Matheran, awesome hill station, Go lonavala , Khandal, Surat for shopping sarees, Ahmedabad, Ports , Goa beaches . But in case of Mumbai , as its a coastal area , only 18- degree s is available for fun and weekend escape. In case of delhi, just take a car , bike, bus or anything and travel anywhere, u will reach some awesome place.

Ya Auto s, autos are so Cool in Mumbai. Atleast more than 95% of autos are having meters and all the people give exact change. In delhi, half an hour will be wasted in bargaining. Here just say the location , meter on , yup go where u want. ITs cool auto system here. Its very interesting to see, everybody know the value of a rupee, one of the importat quality of a commercial capital.

One more important thing is the 24*7 life. We can see all the people happily walking and having fun 24*7. There s no space , which is like a crime spot or something negative space. We can walk anywhere , any place, anytime. All spaces are active,space and fun.

Overall, we cant say Delhi is Cool or Mumbai is Cool. Both are having awesome spaces and fun destinations and lot more.


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